Lift & Co launches Cannabis Concierge to help Canadians choose Marijuana strains

A helpful tool in a post-legalization Canada

Toronto-based Lift & Co is launching its cannabis concierge service today to help Canadians learn about the nuances between different cannabis strains.

The company wants to help make cannabis more approachable for Canadians by explaining active marijuana ingredients like THC, CBD and Terpenes.

Visiting the concierge starts with the question, “How do you want to feel?”  There are six options to answer with: uplifted, energized, focused, relaxed, sleepy and pain relief.

After that question, the tool asks for your age, gender and familiarity with cannabis. Then you’re shown a list of about four strains that should help you get into your chosen headspace.

Lift plans to update the tool regularly, so that it has most of the major strains that are available in stores across Canada. The first time I used this tool I was skeptical of how useful it would be, but since discovering how many statistics accompany legal cannabis, it makes more sense to use Lift to decide what strains work for you since going in blind is pretty confusing.

Alongside the strain picker, the company is partnering with Starbucks, Amazon and more to offer rewards to users who review strains. 

To learn more about how Lift & Co’s recommendation engine and user review process works check out our earlier article, here.