Sony rolls out PlayStation 4 6.02 system update

PlayStation 4 Pro

Sony’s PlayStation 4 version 6.02 system update is now available to all users.

The patch comes in at a download size of 447.4 MB and “improves system performance,” according to a message on the PlayStation 4.

Beyond that vague description, it’s currently unclear exactly what the update is improving or if there are any other changes included in it.

However, many PlayStation users believe that the patch also fixes the recent PlayStation 4 messaging bug that was crashing consoles.

In an October 13th Reddit thread, Reddit user Huntstark said his Rainbow Six: Siege team got malicious messages from another team that caused their consoles to freeze. On October 15th, Sony’s Ask PlayStation UK support page tweeted that the issue had been fixed, although it wasn’t clear if that was meant just for the UK or worldwide.

The PlayStation Network also shut down temporarily earlier this week, which prevented some games and applications from launching properly. Therefore, it’s possible that the new update addresses whatever went wrong with PSN as well.

Via: GameSpot