Apple’s fall iPad Pro event invites feature roughly 86 unique designs

It looks like the event will be focused on the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil


Though Apple’s initial fall hardware event invite logo already screamed ‘this event is focused on the new iPad Pro,’ I didn’t realize until this morning that the tech giant sent out a wide variety of interesting looking invite doodles.

My particular invite photo is below, but it looks like there are even more than I initially suspected.

To view them all, you can navigate to Apple’s event website and repeatedly refresh the page.

Since repeatedly tapping the refresh button isn’t much fun, I’ve rounded up a selection of a few of the more interesting ones. It’s currently unclear exactly how many invite doodles are out there, though some are estimating that there are roughly 86.

I’ll be on the ground at Apple’s upcoming fall keynote bringing you all the news directly from the show floor.