Unicode 12.0 emoji candidates include diverse families, accessibility

Unicode emoji

The Unicode Consortium has revealed 236 draft candidates for the next wave of new emoji as part of emoji 12.0.

Specifically, the proposed emoji break down into the following categories:

  • 209 people & body
  • 15 objects
  • 12 miscellaneous symbols
  • 9 food & drink
  • 7 animals & nature
  • 6 travel & places
  • 3 activities
  • 3 smileys and emotion

Unicode says 50 of the new emoji are for accessibility, including a person with a hearing aid and a woman in a manual wheelchair. There are also 55 combinations of mixed skin tones and options for opposite- and same-sex couples so users can represent different kinds of families.

Unicode’s Emoji 12.0 lineup won’t be finalized until January, with a full rollout expected to take place in March.

Source: Unicode