Tello is a fun party game that takes a little imagination [Game of the Week]

A little creativity and a lot of laughs makes Tello a blast to play

Tello is a storytelling party game from Polish developers Forestudio, that is way more fun to play with a good group of friends than alone, though its interesting premise makes it worth checking out regardless.

Tello was inspired by a game that one of the developers used to play with his friends in kindergarten. They would draw random doodles and make each other tell stories based on the drawings, and that, in essence, is what Tello still is.

Each game only lasts for 33-seconds and within that time players need to construct a story from the random doodles that come across the screen.

Each doodle acts as an inspiration to start a story, then the next doodle is random, so most of the fun comes from trying to bridge these gaps with clever story ideas and plot twits.

The narrative is told vocally as the images pop up, so players can change their voice or alternate who picks up the story with every image. Part of the fun of the game is finding your own ways to play since the rules are loosely defined.

Players can buy additional icon packs if they feel like they’re getting the same images all the time. Each of the five image packs costs $0.99 CAD, or users can buy them all at once for $3.49. Each pack also comes with two new music tracks.

Tello is available for free iOS and Android.