Keep the cyberthieves at bay with this amazing VPN

The Internet is crawling with nefarious trackers designed to harvest your personal information. Some of them want to steal your whole identity and some of them just want to target you with better ads. Regardless, you need to ensure that your Internet is secure and the best way to do that is with a good VPN like Disconnect VPN.

This New York Times award-winning tracker, blocker, and VPN keeps your data safe from corporations, cybercriminals, and government entities. It blocks trackers and malware across your entire device and allows you to browse up to 44% faster. It also improves your battery life and enables your device to use 39% less bandwidth. To top it off, it also masks your location so you can access content that’s blocked in your current country. Not bad for something you didn’t even know you needed.

A lifetime premium subscription to Disconnect VPN normally costs $651.43 CAD, but you can get it for just $63.84 CAD.