Apple Watch business to ship a total of 33 million watches during 2019: Report

The Apple Watch is growing in popularity, which is good for Apple's pockets

Apple’s quarterly earnings will be released tomorrow and the analytics firm UBS predicts that the Apple Watch will ship 24 million units in 2018 and 33 million in 2019.

Apple doesn’t normally release its Apple Watch sales figures, but analysts have been tracking the device for a while.

If the Apple Watch grows as UBS predicts, it will account for a five percent increase in Apple’s revenue. This is about the same amount of income it makes from selling 25 million iPhones.

UBS also mentions that the increased price of the new Apple Watch Series 4 will likely cause more customers to buy Apple Care, which is even more money in Apple’s pocket.

The UBS report also detailed that 50 percent of buyers it surveyed are unlikely to buy any smartwatch, which UBS takes as a good thing since it gives the wearable market lots of room to grow.

Source: 9to5Mac