Nintendo says Fortnite has been installed on nearly half of all Switch systems

Fortnite is "boosting the overall utilization ratio of Nintendo Switch," according to Nintendo

Fortnite Switch

Nintendo announced today that developer Epic Games’ Fortnite has been installed on “nearly half” of all Switch systems.

The information comes from the Japanese gaming giant’s latest quarterly earnings report, which revealed that 22.86 million Switch units have been sold since the console launched in March 2017. This means that Fortnite has been installed on around 11 million Switch units.

It’s important to note that Fortnite is available for free on the Switch, so a high install rate doesn’t necessarily equate to how many people are actually playing the game or how much money has been earned through in-game purchases. Instead, Nintendo simply said that “many people” are playing Fortnite on Switch, which is “boosting the overall utilization ratio of Nintendo Switch.”

Fortnite Switch bundle was also released at the start of October, although it’s unclear exactly how well the package has sold so far.

Still, 11 million-odd downloads is a markedly high attach rate for Fortnite, especially when the game has only been available on the Switch since June.

Via: The Verge