Google Podcasts improves sharing options for episodes and shows

The revamped sharing options make it easier to share shows and episodes

Google Podcasts sharing button

Google Podcasts has recently gained built-in sharing features.

Since its launch in June, Google’s podcast app was a relatively bare-bones offering. It still is, but the Mountain View-based search giant has slowly added essential features to make it more useful.

Following the addition of Cast support, Google improved the sharing options in Podcasts.

Previously, the limited sharing feature, intended for podcast creators, created a direct link to a podcast.

While you can still access that function, tapping the share button now calls up the Android share card for easier sharing. This allows you to share directly with contacts, or to a specific app.

To access the feature, you’ll need to tap the overflow menu — the three dots in the top right corner — when you’re looking at an episode or a podcast.

It seems to be part of a server-side update and not part of an app update.

Overall, its a great addition to the Podcasts app. However, sharing is a relatively basic feature, and I’m surprised Google hadn’t included it before.

Source: 9to5 Google