Microsoft uses ‘Minecraft’ to demo its upcoming headquarters expansion

Anyone with 'Minecraft: Education Edition' can take a virtual tour of the revamped campus ahead of its 2022 opening

Minecraft HQ campus

In November 2017, Microsoft unveiled plans for a significant expansion of its 500-acre Redmond, Washington headquarters set to take place by 2022.

The company is now giving people a better idea of what the revamped campus will look like through a digital model created in its popular Minecraft sandbox video game. Microsoft acquired Minecraft developer Mojang four years ago today for $2.5 billion USD (roughly $3.28 billion CAD).

Microsoft has partnered with Blockworks — a UK-based company that specializes in recreating real-world projects using Minecraft‘s vast building tools — to bring the digital campus to life.

Microsoft HQ

Anyone who owns Minecraft: Education Edition can take a virtual tour through the upgraded campus, which is set to include nearly 20 new buildings (on top of the 100 that are currently there), cricket and soccer fields, retail shops and more.

Users who enter the digital campus will be given a map that suggests where to start first. As users explore, non-player characters (NPCs) will provide interesting facts about each part of the campus.

Microsoft HQ field

Physical construction of the new campus is expected to begin before the end of the year.

This isn’t the only tech giant HQ to be recently reconstructed using a popular block-building property. In October 2018, a designer named Spencer_R recreated Apple’s own new campus using 85,000 Lego bricks.

Source: Microsoft Via: CNBC