Huawei tests Google’s Fuchsia OS on the Honor Play

Huawei engineers are working to bring Fuchsia support to the Kirin 970 chipset

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Google’s secretive new operating system project Fuchsia just got an exciting support bump from Huawei.

A recent code change posted on the project’s Gerrit — an online code collaboration tool — revealed a Huawei phone is the first Android smartphone used as a testbed for Fuchsia.

This support doesn’t come as a complete surprise, however. Google and Huawei have partnered in the past, producing the Nexus 6P — a very well liked Nexus phone.

Further, Huawei engineers contributed to the Fuchsia project code several times over the last year, but not in any significant way.

The new commit signals an end to the insignificant additions. It revealed Huawei engineers worked to bring support for the Kirin 970 chipset to Fuchsia.

Additionally, the Gerrit commit specifically states the engineer booted Zircon, Fuchsia’s kernel, on the Honor Play. While not the whole Fuchsia OS, the kernel is an important initial step.

This marks several firsts for Fuchsia. For one, this marks the first time developers tested the OS on a consumer Android device. Additionally, Huawei is the first company outside of Google to make a significant contribution to the project.

The Honor Play is a gaming phone from Huawei’s flanker brand Honor, which isn’t available in Canada. However, several other Huawei phones use the same Kirin 970 base.

That means other devices, like the Huawei P20 and P20 Pro, and Huawei Mate 10 and 10 Pro, among others, could also gain compatibility with Fuchsia in the future.

Source: Fuchsia Gerrit Via: 9to5 Google