You’ll soon be able to order medical cannabis online from Shoppers Drug Mart in Ontario


Shoppers Drug Mart is already the source for many Canadian’s everyday drug requirements. Now the retailer has now been approved by Health Canada to sell medical cannabis.

Under the name of “Medical Cannabis by Shoppers Drug Mart Inc.,’ Shoppers will soon be licensed to sell those in Ontario dried and fresh cannabis, plants, seeds, and oils. Cannabis products will not be sold at the company’s 1,300 locations across Canada, but rather only through the retailer’s website.

On its website Shoppers notes, “As a leader in health and wellness for Canadians, Shoppers Drug Mart will be your trusted source for medical cannabis from a variety of producers.”

There was no timing listed for when the retailer will begin to sell Cannabis, with the Shoppers Drug Mart only stating that it will be “coming soon.”

Shoppers Drug Mart was acquired by Loblaws in 2013 for $12.4 billion CAD.

Source: Shoppers