Dark mode coming to future build of Google Chrome for macOS

Dark mode is already in Chrome Canary, hidden behind a flag

Google Chrome

Despite Chrome 71 rolling out, Google’s browser still doesn’t support macOS Mojave’s Dark Mode. However, it looks like that may change soon.

Initially pointed out on Reddit, a Google developer recently submitted a code change to implement a system-level dark mode in Chromium. For those unfamiliar, Chromium is the open-source browser that serves as the foundation for Google Chrome.

Google uses several Chrome builds to test code changes, starting with Chromium and working up through Chrome Canary, Chrome Dev, Chrome Beta before coming to stable Chrome.

Dark mode in Chrome Canary

Users can expect dark mode to release in either Chrome 72 or 73 officially, according to the Reddit post. Currently, the feature is in the Canary build, but its hidden behind a flag. Flags are essentially code toggles that can enable features.

MacRumours was able to force the dark theme in Chrome by running a command in Terminal and took several screenshots as well.

Chrome dark mode changes most of the Chrome interface, including the omnibox, tabs, menus, bookmarks bar, status bar and dialogue boxes. Additionally, the startup page with the Google search and shortcuts will have a black background as well.

Dark mode in Chrome Canary omnibox

Finally, one developer noted that the current colours are placeholders and may change before the final dark mode release.

Additionally, the developers are working to ensure the dark theme is distinguishable from Chrome’s Incognito mode, which also uses a dark theme.

With a Chrome 72 or 73 release, users can likely expect a dark mode in January or March 2019.

Source: Chromium Bugs, Reddit Via: MacRumours