Microsoft’s new Chromium-based browser will support Chrome extensions

The new browser will come to all Microsoft devices and allow users to download PWAs through the browser

Microsoft Edge on Android

Following confirmation that Microsoft would change its Windows 10 browser, Edge, to use Chromium, a project manager answered several user questions on Reddit.

Edge Project Manager Kyle Alden confirmed that the team intends for the new Chromium-based Edge to support Chrome extensions. For anyone that uses Chromes numerous extensions, this is excellent news.

Chrome offers some genuinely amazing extensions as well. From password managers to offline Google Docs, there is an extension for almost everything. There’s even one that allows users to hook their browsers into Windows Timeline.

Alden also confirmed that the Edge team intends to bring the new Edge to all Microsoft devices. While Alden said this in response to a question about the browser coming to the Xbox One, it could also mean we’ll see the browser come to Microsoft’s HoloLens headset.

Finally, Alden also confirmed what users could expect from Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) with the new browser. For one, the team plans to support installing PWAs directly through the browser as Chrome does. The team will also keep the ability to install through the Windows Store as Edge currently does.

Further, Windows will continue to support EdgeHTML/Chakra so current PWAs built for Windows won’t break with the new browser engine.

Overall, its good to have these confirmations from Alden. Changing the rendering engine that Edge runs on is a substantial move for Microsoft, with far-reaching implications for current software built around Edge.

Developers and users can both rest easy knowing Microsoft plans to support both old and new ways of doing things with its browser.

Source: Reddit Via: The Verge