Instagram testing ‘Creator Accounts’ for influencers and celebrities

Instagram is trying to make its platform more inviting for influencers

Instagram is working to give more control to influencers and celebrities on its platform through a new profile format that is set to offer more control over direct messages and account growth metrics.

Overall, the Creator Accounts are very similar to Business Accounts, meaning that there will be more in-depth analytics compared to a regular profile.

Where the two accounts differ is that the Creator Accounts will also allow people to filter their direct messages, so they don’t receive all messages, just a from a select cohort of people like friends or brands.

People with these new accounts will also be able to more accurately track their new and lost followers instead of having to use a third-party app.

Finally, creators will be able to add contact labels to their accounts that will be customizable, so fans know the best platform to reach out to the creator on.

So far, these new accounts are being tested by a small number of people. An Instagram spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter that the accounts should be available to a broader audience in 2019.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter