Chatr launches suite of new talk, text and data plans

The flanker brand has a collection of new Canada-wide, U.S. and province-wide plans

Toronto-based Rogers low-cost flanker brand Chatr has launched a suite of new talk, text and data plans.

In addition to a new unlimited Canada/U.S. plan, the carrier launched three new unlimited Canada-wide talk, text and data plans, as well as a new unlimited province-wide talk plan.

Chatr subscribers can now subscribe to a 8GB 3G data plan that provides unlimited Canada/U.S. talk, unlimited international text messaging for $50-per-month.

The carrier also launched $45/6GB, $40/4GB and $35/1GB 3G data plans with unlimited Canada-wide talk and unlimited international text messaging.

Finally, Chatr launched a new $20-per-month province-wide talk plan. This plan provides no data and no text messaging options.

“We know that our customers want to use their wireless plans wherever their ‘life, work and play’ takes them,” said Shailendra Gujarati, vice president of Chatr, in a December 11th, 2018 email to MobileSyrup.

“With the introduction of our nationwide plans, customers can use our Talk, Text and Data plans from coast to coast without worrying about overage fees.”

In addition to the new plans, Chatr subscribers no longer need to be in a Chatr zone to activate or use the carrier’s plans.

Additionally, Chatr subscribers can sign up for the new nationwide plans at no extra cost through the ‘My chatr’ app or through the Chatr website.

Source: Chatr