Niantic fixes Rhyperior’s proportions in Pokémon Go, launches Special Raid weekend

Almost all players can now partake in trainer battles

Niantic has been hard at work adding new content like trainer battles to Pokémon Go, while also fixing lingering old bugs.

First off, the mobile game company has fixed an issue that made the Pokémon Rhyperior appear unnaturally tiny compared to the other monsters in its evolutionary tree. Now, Rhyperior is back to being its giant old self, according to Polygon.

Next up is the new Raid bosses. Both Lugia and Ho-Oh are returning to the game as Raid bosses from December 14th to 17th. Players have the chance of capturing the two Legendary birds in their shiny forms throughout the event.

Finally, trainers at level 10 and up can now participate in PvP trainer battles.

Source: Niantic Via:Polygon