YouTuber builds glitter bomb in HomePod box to thwart package thieves

Kevin McCallister would be proud

YouTuber and engineer Mark Rober got fed up with having his packages stolen so he built what might be the world’s most sophisticated glitter bomb into a fake Apple HomePod box.

Rober had a package stolen from his doorstep. He then went to the police but was told they couldn’t do anything to help him.

So, he decided to take revenge into his own hands.

The bomb is harmless unless you consider fart spray and copious amounts of glitter to be harmful. Rober even built four phones into the contraption to work as GPS tracking and four cameras to watch the thieves’ reactions.

The device uses centrifugal force to launch the glitter once the lid is removed from the Homepod box. As a result, it launches a pound of glitter in all directions.

The best part is he made the process of building and using the device into a YouTube video.

Source: YouTube