Test your grasp of 2018 search trends with Google’s Game of the Year

This fun quiz is hosted by a virtual host

Google Game of the Year

Following its annual Year in Search post (which highlighted 2018’s top search terms), Google has launched a ‘Game of the Year’ to test your knowledge of the top searches.

The Game of the Year is a rather simple 20 question quiz that asks you about top searches in 2018. The game starts you off with three lives, and if you lose them all by answering questions wrong, the game ends.

Questions get more difficult as the rounds progress. You have ten seconds to answer each question and the game awards more points the faster you finish.

There’s also a bonus round that has you swipe left and right on search queries. You have to guess whether they trended higher or lower in 2018. You get bonus points with each correct answer.

However, the most interesting part of the Game of the Year is the customizable AI-powered virtual host. It features a natural-sounding synthesized voice created with DeepMind’s WaveNet.

I found the voice leant towards the creepy side, but it was impressive how well it spoke.

Further, you can adjust some aspects of the voice, like its speed and pitch. When I went into the menu to change it, the voice cheekily quipped that if I found it grating, I could make it sound better.

For those who can’t make the voice tolerable, there’s a button to mute it as well.

Overall, the Game of the Year is a fun game that is very clearly Google. It sports the classic Google colours and fun animations too.

You can play it for yourself here.

Source: Google Via: 9to5Google