The next electric Volkswagen is on track to have a 550 km range

Volkswagen is trying to bring great electric vehicles to the masses

Jürgen Stackmann, a Volkswagen (VW) board member, tweeted that VW is claiming the upcoming Volkswagen I.D. Hatchback will have a range of 550 kilometres on a single charge.

Volkswagen has been making a decent amount of noise in the EV space even though it only sells the e-Golf at the moment. The e-Golf is just a regular Golf with a few extra features.

The next electric car to come out of VW is the I.D. Hatchback which looks similar to a Golf, but is expected to have more futuristic features.

The tweet also mentions that the car will cost about as much as a modern diesel Golf. That pegs the car somewhere between $22,500 to $32,420 CAD depending on the trim level that Stackmann is talking about.

For comparison, the cheapest Tesla is a base Model 3 priced at $53,400 CAD and has an estimated 419 km range.

Either way, if VW can get an EV to market with that low of a price and a 550 km range that will be a very attractive vehicle for a lot of people.

Source: Twitter Via: Cnet