Alberta’s SAIT is the first Canadian school to give grads credentials via blockchain


The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) is now the first post-secondary school in Canada to give graduates their credentials via blockchain technology.

Overall, only about a dozen schools in the world do this, including MIT and Stanford.

According to SAIT, giving grads their credentials through blockchain in addition to the traditional paper copy offers a greater level of security. With blockchain, SAIT says each graduate’s personal information can be recorded and reconciled in real time.

Each piece of data is stored on its own, making it impossible to be corrupted or altered, according to SAIT. SAIT says more and more cases of fraudulent transcripts have been surfacing at various post-secondary institutions.

The blockchain credentials come through a partnership with the On-Demand Education Marketplace, which is built on the Ethereum open source smart computing platform.

SAIT says 25 graduates from its Pre-Employment Automotive Service Technician program received a digital credential through blockchain on Monday, December 17th as part of a pilot project. They will receive the traditional paper diploma at convocation in June.

Source: SAIT