Google’s new Street View Trekker is sleeker, lighter

Street View employees probably appreciate this update, if only because of their backs

A look at the Google's new Street View Trekker

Google is updating its Street View Trekker equipment with new hardware, the company announced on Tuesday via its official Keyword blog.

Without offering specifics, Google says its new Trekker equipment is lighter, as well as sleeker. The company has also updated the backpack’s camera equipment to feature faster aperture lenses and higher resolution image sensors, which it says should lead to sharper images overall.

Moreover, the new design features Google Maps branding, which should hopefully make the equipment more comprehensible to passersby.

As before, organizations — specifically tourism boards, non-profits, government agencies, agencies, universities and research boards — and professional photographers can apply to borrow the equipment.

“We love seeing what people imagine and create with the Trekker technology,” writes Danny Cheung, technical program manager of Street View at Google. “The best ideas come from people around the world who travel with the Trekker—we’re looking forward to seeing where you take the Trekker, and where it takes you.”

Source: Google