Microsoft Launcher update brings tighter integration with Microsoft apps

The update also brings a new 'Screen Time' card and widget so you can easily check your phone usage

Cortana in the Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft’s popular Android launcher has received a significant update with new features like Cortana integration.

While beta users might be familiar with some of the new features in the Microsoft Launcher update, this is the first time non-beta users will get them.

Some of the new features include beta support for ‘Hey Cortana,’ as well as an updated Cortana card for traffic.

Additionally, the Bing search bar at the bottom of the launcher now has mini-answers for some queries, such as currency and stocks.

The launcher’s ‘To Do’ and ‘Notes’ cards were updated as well. Now, To Do will show tasks from apps like Microsoft To Do, Outlook and Skype. Further, Notes will show notes from Sticky Notes on Windows, Outlook, Cortana and OneNote Mobile.

Finally, the Microsoft Launcher makes it easy to track your screen time and phone usage with a new ‘Screen Time’ card. There’s also a widget you can add to your home screen to quickly see your usage.

Overall, it’s a pretty substantial update with plenty of new features and tighter integration with other Microsoft services.

If you’re one of the 10 million people who already have the app, check the Play Store for the update. However, if you don’t have the Microsoft Launcher and want to give it a spin, you can download it for free here.

Source: Google Play Via: Phone Arena