Sony’s classic ‘Lemmings’ PlayStation game finds new life on mobile

The original 1995 puzzler is back as a free-to-play mobile game

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Sony has revived its original PlayStation puzzler Lemmings as a free-to-play mobile game.

The original 1995 game was published by Psygnosis, which was later acquired by Sony and renamed Sony Liverpool. Sony shuttered the studio in 2012.

The new Lemmings, meanwhile, is developed by Sad Puppy and is free to play on Android and iOS (with in-app purchases supported).

Like the original game, the mobile Lemmings has players leading the titular creatures to the exit by equipping them with unique skills.

The new Lemmings also features mobile-optimized top-to-bottom puzzles and online multiplayer.

Lemmings is now available on Android and iOS.