Porsche reveals pricing for its electric sports car the Taycan

The Taycan is poised to compete in the current EV market

Porsche is gearing up to enter the EV market with its Taycan line of electric cars which will cost between $90,000 and $130,000 USD (roughly, $122,700 to $177,300 CAD).

Porsche is working on a car called the Taycan, formerly called the Mission E, that will come in three different trim options. The regular Taycan, the four-wheel drive Taycan 4S and the top of the line Taycan Turbo.

The car is set to feature over 600 horsepower and a range of over 482 km, according to Cnet’s Road Show publication.

The Drive editor-at-large Alex Roy posted an email screenshot he received from the company on Twitter that revealed the pricing.

The car should be available for purchase in 2020, but the company’s North American CEO Klaus Zellmer stated that pre-orders are selling out quickly. The vehicle could be sold out for up to a year if all current pre-orders end up buying the car, according to an interview Zellmer recently did with Road Show.

To sign up to buy a Taycan you can place a deposit of $2,500 USD (roughly, $3,410 CAD) on Porsche’s website.

While the Taycan is expensive, it’s in line with Tesla’s Model S and comparable to the pricing of many of Porsche’s other cars.

Source: Roadshow, Twitter