Google reportedly working on fix for laggy tablet mode on Chrome OS devices

Pixel Slate

Recently some Chrome OS users have reported laggy performance when using their devices in tablet mode.

Thankfully, Google appears to be working on a fix.

As spotted by ChromeUnboxed, a recent bug tracker has revealed that Google plans to fix Chrome OS tablet mode multitasking screen lag. Based on the tracker, it seems that the poor frame rates can be attributed to how Chrome OS renders the screen’s rounded corners.

“A lot of animation jank seems to be coming from the use of Mask Layers to create rounded corners. This combined with background blur adds a lot of additional steps in the paint/rendering pipeline,” reads a message in the tracker.

“The performance (fps increase) and memory improvement (tiles [don’t] get discarded and we actually see the content) is quite significant on Nocturne Celeron when rounded corners are removed.”

For example, the tracker notes that removing the corners on the Pixel Slate resulted in a “significant” improvement in performance.

It’s unclear when Google will roll out a fix, however.

Via: 9to5Google