Facebook begins testing Messenger ‘unsend’ feature among some users

It's still unclear when a wider rollout will occur

Facebook apps on iPhone

Back in November, Facebook confirmed plans to add a feature that lets users unsend messages in Messenger.

Now, it appears that Facebook has begun testing the feature among some users.

On Reddit, user ‘saras112’ shared an image from her Android device which shows the option to delete a message for just the sender or the sender and recipient.

Currently, Facebook users can only delete a message in their own conversation log. The recipient will still be able to go back and view the message at any time.

Saras112’s image doesn’t show any time limit for deleting messages, but Facebook’s announcement from last year noted that the feature would only be available for 10 minutes after a message has been sent.

It’s still unclear when the feature may roll out more widely, however.

It’s worth noting that Facebook-owned Instagram and Whatsapp already allow users to unsend messages. On Instagram, users can unsend messages that were sent at any time, while Whatsapp users have a one-hour period to delete the message for themselves or the entire chat.

However, Whatsapp will mention that a user has deleted a message.

Via: BGR