Nintendo brought in nearly $350 million in mobile game revenue in 2018

'Fire Emblem: Heroes' accounted for two-thirds of Nintendo's overall 2018 mobile gaming revenue

Fire Emblem Heroes on phone

Nintendo generated roughly $348 million in mobile game revenue in 2018, according to mobile app analytics firm Sensor Tower.

All of Nintendo’s mobile games are free-to-download and feature in-app purchases, which is where the Japanese gaming giant generates its mobile revenue.

Nearly two-thirds of Nintendo’s 2018 revenue came from Fire Emblem Heroesthe strategy role-playing game that launched in February 2017. Throughout 2018, Heroes brought in $230 million around the world, according to Sensor Tower.

Japanese role-playing game Dragalia Lost was the second-biggest mobile title for Nintendo, bringing in $58.7 million around the world since launching in late September 2018. The game is currently only available in the United States, Japan and some other Asian markets.

Coming in third-place was social simulator Animal Crossing: Pocket Campwhich grossed $48.6 million in 2018. The game launched in November 2017.

Notably, Nintendo’s first mobile effort, Super Mario Run, was actually the company’s lowest earner among its four ongoing mobile titles. Sensor Tower estimates that the side-scrolling auto-runner made $10 million in 2018, down significantly from its $31 million haul in 2017.

Of course, Nintendo’s main source of income is its Switch console, which continues to perform exceptionally well. Nintendo has sold at least 23 million Switch units as of October 2018. For context, this means the Switch has already surpassed the lifetime sales of its Wii U and GameCube predecessors in under two years on the market.

The company also had a strong holiday lineup of Pokémon Let’s Go and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Despite releasing in December 2018, Ultimate quickly became the fastest-selling Switch game to date.

Source: Sensor Tower