Quebec companies make 3D model of Montreal port using AR and drone tech

Associates can interact with a model of the Port of Montreal through augmented reality

DJI Phantom drone

Two Montreal-based companies have created a 3D model of the Port of Montreal using augmented reality and drone technology.

The 3D model replaces the previous 2D draft of the facilities that was used for reference by Port of Montreal crew.

Drone operating company ARA Robotics captured footage of the port via drone while start-up handled the 3D recreation.

Daniel Olivier, Port of Montreal director of business, intelligence and innovation, told The Associated Press that the port’s associates will be able to navigate the 3D model through augmented reality. According to Olivier, this will help the port’s overseas representatives — who may have never been to Montreal — gain a better understanding of the city than they would with a 2D map.

[There’s] so much more accessibility and so much more information,” added Nicolas Morency, co-founder of “You don’t have to try to explain something to somebody else, you can just give access to your 3D environment and say ‘just go walk through, see for yourself.’”

Via: CTV News