YubiKey for Lightning will bring password-free protection to iPhone

YubiKey Lightning

Swedish authentication hardware company Yubiko has unveiled two new security products at CES 2019.

The first product is an updated version of its entry-level blue Security Key, which now supports near-field communication (NFC).

With the USB key, users can secure their computers or Android phone to access their accounts that require two-factor authentication.

However, because the Security Key is USB-powered, iOS users have been unable to use it. That’s where Yubico’s second CES product comes in.

The company has revealed a new YubiKey for Lightning device that is now in private preview, marking its first product that can connect directly to iPhone or iPad without an adapter.

Pricing and availability for the Lightning key has not yet been revealed.

“Yubico’s goal is to make strong, simple authentication truly ubiquitous, across all services, devices, and operating systems,” said the Yubico CEO and founder Stina Ehrensvärd in a press statement. “Today at CES, we are excited to introduce the addition of NFC to our Security Key Series, and reveal our YubiKey for Lightning. These two products deliver on our mission to enable a passwordless future for all.”

Via: TechCrunch