Apple Canada posts video project jobs, raises streaming service speculation

Apple could be looking for people to help roll out its rumoured video streaming service

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Apple Canada has over 30 job postings on its website ranging from Genius Bars roles to developer positions.

However, a few notable postings are aimed at recruiting people to work on video projects for Apple Canada. While some of these roles pertain to iTunes and Apple TV, a number of positions relate to video as a service.

On December 20th, 2019 the company posted job openings for a marketing manager for video, a programming manager for video and a video business manager.

The video programming manager position specifically mentions that Apple is looking for someone who “loves Movies and TV shows” and can “lead video content programming in Canada.”

The video business manager position explicitly states that Apple is looking for a “talented, innovation-driven team member to further expand our Video business in Canada.”

These jobs are interesting, since rumours about a possible Apple streaming service keep swirling.

These job postings also suggest there’s a chance that Apple has plans to bring its rumoured streaming service to Canada.

Apple has been notoriously tight-lipped regarding its streaming service. Most of the publicly available information is derived from rumours, as well as reports suggesting that the company is working with many of Hollywood’s biggest stars on television and film projects.

Apple CEO Tim Cook also told CNBC in a January 8th, 2019 interview that the company has new services that are launching this year, fueling speculation that Apple might be readying a streaming service.

This theory has been reinforced by Apple allowing television manufacturers to integrate AirPlay, HomeKit and iTunes into their products at this year’s CES in Las Vegas.

Source: Apple Canada, CNBC