Bose announces QuietComfort noise-cancelling system for cars

The 'QuietComfort' brand is expanding to include car tech

Bose noise-cancelling car tech

Bose has unveiled the QuietComfort Road Noise Control, a vehicle system that filters out sounds from the road.

Branded with the same name as Bose’s ‘QuietComfort’ noise-cancelling headphones, the Road Noise Control technology will be offered to automotive companies around the world.

According to Bose, the system is able to minimize “unwanted sounds” in the car’s cabin caused by driving over rough roads, grooved concrete and uneven pavement.

However, Bose didn’t clarify if the noise-cancelling tech would also block out sounds that are important for drivers to hear, such as sirens or horns.

Instead, Bose simply says that the noise cancellation is achieved using a “combination of accelerometers, proprietary signal-processing software, microphones, and the vehicle’s audio system to electronically control unwanted sound.”

The company did note, however, that the Noise Control system will be able to adapt over time to improve its noise-cancelling efficiency.

Bose expects the QuietComfort Road Noise Control will be available in production models by the end of 2021.

Source: Bose Via: Engadget