Google Play Books receiving Google’s modern Material Design update

The new design has been a long time coming

Google Play Books is the first store-based Play services app to get updated to Google’s modern take on Material Design. 

Following Google’s I/O developer conference in 2018, the Mountain View search giant started rolling out a refreshed design to some of its apps.

It began with the web version of Gmail, and now only a few Play services, a few web apps, mobile Gmail and Google Drive are among the last apps waiting on a facelift.

It appears the Google Play Books update is rolling out in Russia, according to screenshots shared with Android Police.

The new update brings the app right in line with Google’s other modern apps. There’s a plethora of white space, updated iconography and Google Sans font.

Notably, the soft blue from the app’s header is gone. Instead, there are now small blue highlights throughout the app.

This update likely foreshadows upcoming Play app updates, meaning users should expect the rest of Google Play apps — including the Play Store and Play Music apps — to resemble Google Play Books once they’re updated.

Google is well on its way to updating all of its apps, it just needs to finish the rest of the Play services. This is no small feat, since the company has quite the collection of apps spanning several platforms.

Source: Android Police

Image source: Android Police