Product designer creates ’90s tech-inspired AR effects for social media use

Take a trip down memory lane to 1990s PCs and computer programs

Instagram 90s filters

Instagram product designer George Kedenburg III has created a variety of augmented reality effects for the social media platform that are inspired by old technology.

Specifically, Kedenburg’s filters take clear cues from 1990s-era PCs and computer programs, including Microsoft Paint. In a tweet, Kedenberg showed how his face captured in various old-school programs in an effect called ‘desktop96.’

The programs are given slightly revised names like Art (Paint) and Likesweeper (Minesweeper) but it’s still clear what they’re supposed to be.

On Instagram, Kedenburg confirmed that tapping the screen will change the effect, noting that he forgot to include that instruction in the effect. However, he warned that tapping too many times may cause the effect to become unstable and even crash.

You can download his AR effects for free by viewing his Instagram story and clicking ‘desktop96’ in the top left.

Via: The Verge