LG will unveil phone with a second screen attachment at MWC: report

LG logo

LG will reportedly launch a smartphone with a second screen attachment. This news comes from a source familiar with the situation, according to CNET.

Reportedly, the source describes the attachment as a case with a screen, which might double the total screen real estate of the unannounced phone.

This device will not fold and will use two completely separate screens.

Additionally, the source indicates that this device is one of the many handsets that the South Korean company will unveil at Mobile World Congress (MWC)

It’s unclear if the double display handset will carry the company’s G8 flagship brand, however.

Having an attachable display might make this device stand out from handsets like Samsung’s rumoured Galaxy Flex. However, the last LG device with attachable parts didn’t go so well.

In 2016, LG released the G5 and its modular ‘Friends,’ which, according to MobileSyrup’s review, is the smartphone’s “most significant draw,” despite the mods being generally underwhelming.

Hopefully, this double display handset is easier to use than the G5, which required users to remove the back panel of the phone to connect any of its modular Friends.

If LG does have a handset that features a double display attachment, the phone will likely have some similarities to Vivo’s Nex Dual Display Edition. 

Source: CNET