TSN offering new 24-hour streaming memberships for $4.99

TSN is bringing the pay-per-view model to its streaming service

Canada’s most popular sports channel is tossing a curveball with its new daily streaming service option.

TSN plans to launch the service before the upcoming March Madness U.S. college basketball tournament. That said, the launch date isn’t specifically confirmed yet.

The new day pass costs $4.99 CAD and gives users access to TSN’s livestreaming sports platform. Currently, you can watch TSN on mobile devices, desktop, Xbox One, Samsung smart TVs, and Apple TV, with more devices coming soon, according to Bell Media’s press release.

This effectively works more like renting a movie or paying to watch a specific game through HBO’s Pay-per-view.

“Our viewers have asked for more options when it comes to accessing high-quality streaming coverage of the biggest moments in sports, and we’re proud to deliver that with Canada’s first single-day subscription,” reads a recent press release about the new 24-hour membership.

This is a cool system that will open up the streaming service to more casual sports fans who only watch a few specific games a year. Subscribers get access to both the English TSN and the French version called RDS.

It costs $24.99 to subscribe to TSN’s app on a monthly basis.

Source: Bell Media