Samsung, HP, Nest make BrandSpark 2019 most-trusted brands list

BrandSpark polled 17,000 Canadians to list the most-trusted brands in 109 categories

Market research firm BrandSpark has released its list of Canada’s 109 most-trusted brands, and some notable tech giants made the list.

According to a January 23rd, 2019 media release, BrandSpark polled approximately 17,000 Canadians to put together its 2019 list.

While the majority of BrandSpark’s list features home and consumer products like ‘Acne Treatment,’ ‘Antacid’ and ‘Bacon,’ the list also includes categories like ‘Smart Television,’ ‘Smart Thermostat’ and ‘Laptop.’

South Korean consumer tech giant Samsung was the most trusted smart television manufacturer, Google-owned Nest won the smart thermostat crown, while U.S. electronics manufacturer HP won the laptop category.

For curious readers, Samsung also won the ‘Oven/Range’ and ‘Refridgerator’ categories, and HP also won the ‘Printer’ category.

Finally, for any readers concerned about clean skin, upset stomachs and breakfast meats, Clean & Clear tied with Clearasil and Neutrogena for the acne treatment crown, Tums is Canada’s most-trusted antacid and Maple Leaf is the country’s preferred bacon brand.

The full list is available on BrandSpark’s website.

Source: BrandSpark