PUBG testing free-to-play version to better compete with Fortnite

Only available in Thailand so far

PUBG Mobile

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is trying a free-to-play approach with its popular battle royale gameplay called PUBG Lite, which will be less intensive to run the game on a computer.

PUBG Lite will be its own standalone title, existing alongside the paid version.

It will have its own development team solely working on content for the game, such as new maps and other features that will make its way into the paid PUBG.

Erangel, the first PUBG map made for the game, is only available to play using the solo, duo and squad game modes.

PUBG Lite does seem to be a response to Fortnite, its main rival, by using the free-to-play model to bring in more players.

This approach has been huge for Fortnite both popularity and financially, being Canada’s most tweeted game in 2018 along with Epic Games reportedly making $3 million.

PUBG Lite is only available in Thailand, with plans to expand it to other countries if the test goes well.

Source: The Verge