iOS, Android loyalty at highest levels ever in 2018: report

The increased loyalty is a result of consumers growing comfortable with their chosen platforms

iPhoen XS and OnePlus 6T

iOS and Android loyalty is reportedly at the highest ever, according to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP).

CIRP measures loyalty by the number of people activating phones with the same OS as their previous device. According to CIRP’s data, iOS loyalty came in at 91 percent compared to a 92 percent loyalty measure for Android.

Android usually posts a higher loyalty rating than iOS, likely because of the vast array of phone options that run Android. In other words, users can remain loyal to Android while getting a phone from a different manufacturer every year.

iOS, Android loyalty

However, CIRP noted that the 2018 trend indicates iOS loyalty could overtake Android sometime in 2019.

“Both systems have seen loyalty trending upward for the past several quarters, as customers have become comfortable with the features and consistency of their operating system,” said Mike Levin, partner and co-founder of CIRP.

“Learning a new operating system takes effort, so fewer and fewer customers have found the need to switch. This, coupled with the quality and reliability of new phones is likely contributing to the longer upgrade cycles we are witnessing.”

This elongated upgrade cycle certainly seems to have impacted Apple. The Cupertino-based company warned that its holiday quarter revenue would be lower than expected due to disappointing iPhone sales. Apple is expected to reports its latest finaicial results on January 29th.

Image credit: CIRP via 9to5Mac

Source: 9to5Mac