Bell, Telus, Rogers offering 3GB bonus data with most plans

The Big Three are offering some bonus data

Canada’s big three carriers are all offering bonus data that starts at 3GB on most of their individual plans.


Customers who bring their own device to Rogers can get 1GB of data with a bonus 3GB for $80-per-month with unlimited local calling.

If you want unlimited Canada-wide calling, it’s an extra $5-per-month, while the unlimited Canada and U.S. calling option costs an additional $10.

Some of the better plans offer 6GB of data with a bonus 3GB for $100 or 11GB for $115. Both of these options are bring-your-own-device (BYOD) plans with unlimited local calling.

The bonus data is available with all of Rogers’ plan tiers, ranging from BYOD to the Ultra tier.

The largest data plan from Rogers is a BYOD plan with 80GB of data with a bonus 3GB for $405 per month.

You can view all of the plans here.


Bell customers can get a 1GB plan with a bonus 3GB of data with unlimited Canada-wide calling for $90 or an 8GB plan with a bonus 3GB of data for $135 per month. Both of these are part of the BYOD tier.

Customers can take advantage of the deal on all plan tiers ranging from BYOD to Bell’s Premium Smartphone Ultra Plus plan, but the rate plans get more expensive if you bundle them with a new device.

Bell’s largest plan offers users 15GB with a bonus 3GB of data on a BYOD plan with unlimited nationwide calling for $165.

You can check out all of Bell’s plans here.


Telus customers can take advantage of the carrier’s bonus data starting with a 1GB plan with 3GB of bonus data and unlimited local calling for $80-per-month. The plan costs $85 for unlimited nationwide calls and $100 for unlimited calling between Canada and the U.S.

Most of Telus’s plans and plan tier options come with extra data, but more extensive plans above a base 10GB bucket are exempt from the deal.

The largest BYOD plan that’s included in the deal now comes with 10GB of data and 3GB of bonus data, as well as unlimited calling in Canada for $130-per-month.

To view Telus’ plans, visit the carrier’s website here.