New job listings hint at greater wearables hardware ambitions from Google

Google is searching for a new vice president of wearables hardware engineering, according to a recently posted job listing spotted by Android Police.

Google first uploaded the listing three days ago. The description for the job reads:

“You will lead and enable the effectiveness of a large engineering organization primarily based in Mountain View to develop multiple next-generation wearable products simultaneously.”

Given the seniority of the position, Google is looking for someone with a wealth of experience. To be considered for the position, candidates must have at least 15 years of experience “developing consumer electronics products,” says the company. Additionally, 12 years of manufacturing experience is a must.

On the same day, Google posted listings for a variety of related positions, including a wearables design manager and test engineer.

The new job listings come after Google acquired Fossil’s smartwatch technology and talent for $40 million USD in January. All together, it’s likely we see Google put a greater emphasis on release wearables type products in the future.

Source: Google (1), (2) Via: Android Police