Samsung offering exclusive Fortnite K-pop star skin with Galaxy S10 Plus pre-orders

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Fortnite

Samsung has partnered with developer Epic Games on a special K-pop star Fortnite skin that is exclusive to those who pre-order the upcoming Galaxy S10 Plus smartphone.

The skin is modelled after Jung Chan-woo, a member of the South Korean boy band iKon. The seven-person group has produced hit songs like “My Type”, “Apology” and “Rhythm Ta.”

It’s important to note that the skin is only available with S10 Plus pre-orders; Samsung’s base S10 model is not eligible. During its Unpacked S10 reveal event, Samsung also touted the S10 Plus’ Snapdragon 855 processor that it says will offer a superior gaming experience.

Samsung ran a similar Fortnite promotion for the Galaxy Note 9 and Tab S4 last year, although the offered skin was based on an original creation, rather than a real-life celebrity. The Note 9 was also the first Android phone to get the game.

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Via: The Verge