Learn How to Manage Your Small Business’s Finances with This $25 QuickBooks Course

Whether you’re the primary accountant for a medium-sized business, or you handle accounting for your one-person businesses, one of the most useful tools you can master is QuickBooks. However, mastering it can be quite daunting because it’s quite feature-heavy. Luckily, this QuickBooks Master Class course can get you up to speed for $25.21.

The Quickbooks 2019 Master Class is a 7-hour course on the many tools QuickBooks has to offer. For example, you’ll learn how to create reports, summaries, and analyses based on your business’s data. Additionally, you’ll learn how to create lists to track customers, vendors, and employees. This course will also teach you how to interpret your business’s financial reports and bank statements. If you’re already well-versed in previous versions of QuickBooks, this course will introduce you to all of the new features included in QuickBooks 2019.

The best way to showcase your new QuickBooks skills is with a certificate of completion, which you can earn by passing a quiz at the end of the course. You can use this to impress potential employers if you’re interested in accounting for a small business.

QuickBooks makes accounting easy, and this class makes learning QuickBooks even easier. You can find the QuickBooks 2019 Master Class on MobileSyrup Deals for $25.21 CAD ($19 USD), or 87% off.

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The QuickBooks 2019 Master Class – $19

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