It looks like the S10’s face unlock can be fooled by a picture

It looks like the Galaxy S10 suffers from the same face unlock drawbacks as a lot of other Android phones

A German tech blog tweeted out a video that shows the Galaxy S10 can be unlocked by a picture of its user’s face.

This is pretty disheartening since Samsung has been making a big deal about how secure the new phone is. Granted, users can take advantage of other forms of passwords to lock down the phone, including the ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint reader.

Still, Apple is miles ahead with its Face ID technology that’s considered the most secure form of mobile device facial unlocking.

Huawei seems like it may be on the verge of catching up since it also uses a form of 3D face scanning, but a report from AndroidPit claims that it can be fooled by people that look similar.

Lots of Android phones suffer from this issue since they use Google’s default face unlock feature which works with a single camera — hence no 3D sensors.

Either way, that seems more of a ‘by-chance’ scenario, as opposed to being able to use a picture of yourself to unlock it like on Samsung devices.