Microsoft’s VP of gaming says improvements on the way for Windows 10

Phil Spencer says Microsoft's priority is delivering a new Store experience for games

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Microsoft has some big things in the works for PC gamers, according to vice president of gaming Phil Spencer.

In an interview with PC Gamer, Spencer said the company has improvements on the way, such as a new store experience for games.

Additionally, Spencer said we could expect to see improvements to and investments in the Microsoft Store, services, Windows and games.

Microsoft’s Store has always struggled compared to some of the titans of PC gaming, like Steam or GOG — a shame, considering some of the excellent titles Microsoft has put out.

Unfortunately, the Store’s prominent selling features, like Xbox Game Pass, are limited on PC because only some Xbox ‘Play Anywhere’ games are available.

However, Spencer’s comments aren’t the first signal we’ve seen of the incoming improvements. About midway through February, Microsoft asked users in the Windows Insider testing program to test new gaming technology with State of Decay.

While the company didn’t elaborate on what that technology was, some users noticed the download files for the game came from an Xbox Live server and not a Microsoft source.

That discovery lead to some speculation that Windows 10 users may soon be able to install and play Xbox One games on their PC.

This could have massive implications for PC gamers, who would get access to significantly more games. Further, it would add a lot of value to offerings like Xbox Game Pass. Finally, it would also improve the user experience for those who own both platforms, allowing them to play games on both platforms.

It could also help developers, as they’d only have to code their games once for both platforms.

None of this is more than rumour or speculation as yet, but we’ll learn more at E3 about Microsoft’s plans to improve PC gaming.

Source: PC Gamer Via: Pocket-lint