Sidewalk Labs may scrap Quayside project if transit isn’t built

Sidewalk Labs may pull out of the ongoing Quayside project in Toronto if transit isn’t built in the area, according to Sidewalk Labs CEO Don Doctoroff.

Speaking to The Canadian Press, Doctoroff said his Alphabet-backed company will only remain interested in the smart city project as long as it can install a transit line along the 12-acre property on the city’s waterfront.

Sidewalk Labs wants to build light rail transit in the area in exchange for a cut of property taxes and developer fees, much to the chagrin of some councillors and other critics.

Quayside has also been somewhat controversial among citizens, with 55 percent of Canadians saying they support the project, according to a recent study.

However, Doctoroff was optimistic that the project will go through, stating he is looking into a “bunch” of other transit options for his company to use.

In the meantime, the company has revealed some of its proposed technology that will go into the making of the smart city.

Via: 680 News