Virgin Mobile offers up to 5GB of bonus data on select BYOP and tab plans

Virgin Mobile joins other Canadian carriers with bonus data promos

Bell flanker brand Virgin Mobile is the latest carrier to join the bonus-data craze.

Virgin is currently offering up to 5GB of bonus data on select plans. The bonus applies across plan tiers, so you’ll get some extra data regardless if you’re getting a BYOP plan or if you’re hopping on a Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond or Diamond Plus plan to save some money on the up-front phone price.

For BYOP, bonus data starts on the $50 per month plan. Typically, this plan gives you 1GB of data, 500 Canada-wide minutes with unlimited evenings and weekends, and unlimited text and picture messaging. However, with the current promotion, this plan gives you 3GB of bonus data for a total of 4GB.

For an extra $5 per month, you can get unlimited calling with this plan.

Further, all of Virgin’s plans have a 3GB bonus up to the $115 10GB plan, which has the 5GB bonus for a total of 15GB with 500 Canada-wide minutes, unlimited evenings and weekends and unlimited text and picture messaging.

If you’re looking to get a phone on contract with Virgin, the different tiers will raise the price of your plan by a certain amount, which correlates to a discount on the cost of your chosen device.

Silver plans cost an extra $10 per month over the equivalent BYOP plan, and nets you a $300 discount on your phone. Gold is an additional $15 per month for a $500 discount, Platinum is an extra $45 for a $700 discount, Diamond is an extra $55 for a $900 discount and Diamond Plus is an additional $65 per month for a $1,000 phone discount. It’s worth noting that these prices may vary by province.

Bell, Fido and Rogers are all offering bonus data promotions as well. While Bell and Fido have similar promos offering up to 5GB depending on the plan, Rogers offers up to 5GB per line when you activate two lines, for a total of up to 10GB of data.

You can learn more about Virgin’s data promos here.