Block thousands of unsolicited numbers for $27 with Call Control Premium

If you use your phone for business often, nothing’s more irritating than receiving calls from unsolicited sources like robocalls or telemarketers. You can’t just block all incoming calls because you’re likely expecting an important one from a potential client, but you can’t block every single unsolicited number because a new one will inevitably reach out to you. This is why you need Call Control Premium, which is currently on sale for $26.82 CAD.

Call Control Premium is an AI-based tool that screens and blocks incoming calls from unsolicited sources. It uses a personal call and SMS blacklist, which is constantly updated by input from over 12 million Call Control users. Call Control Premium even lets you use reverse phone number lookup to reveal unknown or restricted numbers, which you can submit to Call Control via a community report. Best of all, Call Control Premium can differentiate between scam calls and legitimate businesses, which is useful if you’re waiting on an important call with a client.

There are countless spam numbers out there, so it’s impossible to block each one yourself. Call Control Premium will take care of spam for you for $26.83 CAD [$19.99 USD], or 33% off.

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Call Control Premium: 1-Yr Subscription – $19.99

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