Google to livestream next week’s reveal of gaming platform

Google says it will reveal more about "the future of gaming" next week

Google has announced that it will livestream its gaming keynote at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco on Tuesday, March 19th.

Google will host the keynote between 1pm to 2:30pm EST, during which time the company says it will unveil its vision for “the future of gaming.” More specific details were not revealed.

The stream will be offered on YouTube.

It’s worth noting that it was previously unclear if the company would livestream the keynote. Originally, the event’s official page on the GDC website stated that the event would not be recorded. It now reads that recording for the event is “to be determined.”

Since last year, there have been rumblings that Google is working on a games streaming service and associated console. Google has largely remained mum on these plans, although the company tested a ‘Project Stream’ games streaming service for a limited time last year in the U.S. only.

With the service, testers were able to stream Canadian-made Assassin’s Creed Odyssey in their Chrome browsers, even if they were using a low-cost Chromebook.

MobileSyrup will be at GDC to learn about Google’s gaming efforts, so stay tuned next week for more.