Jumpstart your career in web development with this $66 full stack e-degree bundle

Countless new websites and apps are launched every day to keep up with our demand for online services. The demand for web developers will continue to skyrocket, so pursuing a career in this field is a lucrative choice. If you don’t have any experience in web development, there are a few languages you should learn, and this $65.74 CAD Full Stack Bundle is an excellent place to start.

The Full Stack JavaScript Developer E-Degree Bundle features 11 courses to introduce you to the tools needed to become a web developer. First and foremost is JavaScript, the language of the internet, which is covered extensively in 7 of these courses. You’ll learn how to write and understand JavaScript syntax, how to build progressive web apps, how to test your apps, and how to use popular frameworks. You’ll also be introduced to ES6, JavaScript’s latest major release.

Two additional languages that you should learn are CSS and HTML, which are covered in three of the included courses. They’ll show you how to use CSS to style your web pages and how to use HTML to handle multimedia.

The internet is vast, and it grows bigger every day, so there will always be a need for skilled web developers. If you’re interested in becoming one, you can buy this bundle from MobileSyrup Deals for $65.74 CAD [ $49 USD], or 73% off.

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The Full Stack JavaScript Developer E-Degree Bundle – $49

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